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You’ve Arrived at the Jethro Nation,

You have officially arrived at the METRO JETHROS page !!!! We are excited that 2016 is around the corner .  Each year we roll out some new ORIGINALS and 2016  is no different. We have been working with our ol bud Eddie Snuggs @ Snugg Records and we can not  wait for all our friends out there to hear the new tunes !!!

Upcoming shows for 2016 will be posted soon !!!!!  

Take a look around the site and PLEASE leave a comment or email us.

I for once was speechless !! These guys are a breath of fresh air in music !” – Beth Johnson.

Check out the site and leave a comment if you like. Make sure you check out our Facebook Page  for more exciting news!!!   We all have a little Jethro in us. So share our songs and JETHRO ON !!!!!!!!! -Metro Jethros

metro jethros
The Storm
Your Eyes