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You’ve Arrived at the Jethro Nation,

The Jethros are a band filled with a bunch of  good ol boys  that love to rock out on the stage.  A new sound that can only be described  as hybrid country. These boys are not your typical everyday country band . As Jon Reep would describe it ,  we are METRO JETHROS !!  The band started 5 years ago  and since then have captivated every audience they play for. High impact and explosive entertainment. Its a toe tapping ,  knee slappin, heck of of a show.

I for once was speechless !! These guys are a breath of fresh air in music !” – Beth Johnson.

Check out the site and leave a comment if you like. Make sure you check out our Facebook Page  for more exciting news!!!   We all have a little Jethro in us. So share our songs and JETHRO ON !!!!!!!!! -Metro Jethros

mtb53Marshall Tucker and the Metro Jethros 9/27/14 @ Gunters Grove

Wow, what a show this will be. We’re excited to be playing with the Marshall Tucker Band. Come out and rock with us next weekend. We’ll be playing at Gunters Grove.

We love our fans, creating music and rocking the whole damn place. We want to hear from you – our fans. Tweet, Share or email us – We love Ya’ll!









djmix | January 1, 2014
The Storm
djmix | January 1, 2014
djmix | January 1, 2014
Your Eyes
djmix | January 1, 2014