Jon Zimmerman

Jon has been playing music for a long time and has had his hand in many different genres. When he received a call from Sid, about filling in for their drummer, he had no idea that he would end up playing in a country band. “It has been a lot of fun playing with the group, but I really enjoy the creative process when writing. I think we have created some great music.”

Jon started playing drums when he was in high school and enjoyed it from the get go. He knew he was “home” when he got involved with people who were interested in writing. “
We have a really good time in this band and I really enjoy the crowds’ reactions to our original music. The best feeling in the world is when the crowd requests your originals!”

Sid Collins

Music has been a big part of Sid’s life from a very early age. He was in his first band at age 11 singing Rolling Stones and April Wine songs. Moving into his teen years, Sid grew fond of alternative and classic rock music; never dreaming of evolving into playing country/Americana style music. Guitar was his first love, but after having played with several smoking guitar players in different bands, Sid was eventually asked if he would mind moving to bass guitar to fill a need. Whether playing a big “dog house” or electric bass, it was the best move musically he could have ever made. Jonathan and Sid started the band in 2009 with Scott Shoemaker, a very close friend. Over the past 4 years, the band has evolved from a very eclectic mix of personalities and music to a more defined version of what we are today. “I am more than blessed to be associated with these guys I call my brothers.” Hope you enjoy the music!

Jonathan Estep
singer / songwriter

Starting his career as dancer and vocalist for The Kentucky Opry from 1992 -2003. After leaving the Opry he pursued his songwriting career. Learning to play acoustic guitar in 2006, he entered the Colgate Country Showdown, in Jacksonville, FL and became a finalist. Taking the stage with only a guitar, Jonathan soon realized that he needed a band to take his career to the next level. Moving to Statesville, NC in 2007 Jonathan soon met Sid, who suggested he play with The Metro Jethros. An entertainer by nature and songwriter by heart, Jonathan has an old Eastern KY blues voice and is versatile in country, blues, and folk. Jonathan’s roots and rhythm stem from growing up in a coal mining town and spending summers with his father in Indiana, who often played vinyl blues albums to him. When asked which genre of music he liked the most, his answer was simple, “All of them”!

Chris Cambell

What a versatile musician! Not only is Chris at home on the acoustic guitar, the electric guitar, or the mandolin ……. Just pick a genre! Rarely do you see a musician that can play in so many styles of music and do it well. Growing up in the foothills of the Blue-ridge Mountains, Chris started playing bluegrass in his teens and soon grew an affinity for acoustic jazz. He later picked up the electric guitar and delved into the blues and rock world. His playing in bands from Rock to Jazz and Bluegrass to Country, has led to very well rounded performer. These influences are readily apparent during any show as well as his innovative and improvisational skills. Whether performing as an acoustic duo or full blown band production, he will bring the emotion!

Stand On Up // Metro Jethros - Metro Jethros
  1. Stand On Up // Metro Jethros - Metro Jethros